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  • How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

I've always enjoyed clothing and fashion. But really it came from being around graffiti artist. People who do graffiti come with a certain flair most people don't have. I wanted to expand that

  • What was your mission at the outset?

We had seen that a lot of work out gear wasn't being made with much creativity. We also wanted to create a niche that we came from. We did just that.

  • What service(s) or product(s) do you offer/manufacture?

Currently we offer street wear and gym gear. We probably will be hyper focused on that for a while before we start adding to our line.

  • How do you advertise your business?

We use Facebook advertising, stickers as well as we seek out people we want to work with. We started an affiliate program to help build our company and help others make some side money.

  • To what do you attribute your success?

Hard work. I'm not going to lie I read a book called the 10x rule. It's all about putting maximum effort into what you want to do in life and get from life. I definitely think that has a lot to do with it. The other part of it is I've failed numerous times in other areas of business. I've spent close to a decade trying to make something work that just wouldn't for me. I've switched all that energy into my clothing company and it hasn't been failing by any means so I'm dedicated. For life.

  • Do you use the services of a professional accountant or attorney?

Yes we have an attorney a great one at that.

  • What are your company's goals?

We want to create a street and gym gear line that has a unique team behind it pushing gear that people want to rep and wear. I watch reviews on YouTube and see a lot of people are not happy with what they get back after their purchase (Example: leggings stretch and become see through, etc.) We want to make sure your satisfied and will go the extra distance to make that happen.

  • What is unique about your business?

I would say our style, our approach and also our affiliate program. We want everyone to live THAT LIFE! So we created a program to allow people to sell our products and earn commission. Anyone can join at any time. The bigger we get the bigger our affiliates get as well.

  • What made you choose this type of business?

I've always liked shirts. My closet since a kid has been stuffed with shirts I've kept over the years. 😂😂 People will always need clothing. Demand will always be there.

  • Does your company help the community where it is located?

Yes. I've done volunteer events and more. Helping people is something I feel very strongly about.

Have you ever turned down a client?

Never. Never will either.

  • If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

I would say find what makes you happy and devote your self. I think people that do what they are good at might do well but people that do what makes them happy will never truly call hard work... hard work when it's fun for them. 🤷🏻‍♂️ 


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