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Hayden Keidl


  • What's Your model name,where are you from ,and what made you first become a model? My model name is just my original name Hayden Keidl,. I am from Texas and my family and friends actually are the ones encouraged me to become a model and pursue it as a career. But I also always had that thought in the back of my mind that I could do it and become big one day.
  • How did you feel when you did your first ever fashion show or photo shoot?  I felt inexperienced and nervous at first because it is such a big industry. As I went further into that shoot I become more comfortable and just made the movements flow to where it was natural.
  • Who was your role model as a child an how did that help in being a model? My role model was Zac Efron. He isn't only categorized as a model but also as an actor. I grew up watching his movies and always thought how cool it would be to be him. So I decided I would do my best to create my legacy like he did.
  • What did your parents first think of you being a model and where they supportive? They encouraged me to become a model but always remind me to keep my head, and to remember my roots. They were a little sketched out at first but became comfortable with it.
  • How do you feel about the controversy of the "pretty boy only" debate in the industry ? My whole life I have been called a "pretty boy" and I never want that to define me because I am way more than that.
  • If your were not a model, what other profession would you have been doing instead? I am currently working on my degree in Marketing and Finance so I still have a back up plan to open up my own Real-estate business. I was taught to always have a back up plan no matter what.
  • What are guilty pleasures food wise? Candy. I am addicted to all candy. It isn't healthy but I do my best to make up for it in the gym.
  • How do you cope under the pressures of being a model? I just take a breath and relax honestly. I have always played sports so I love pressure. That's when I'm at my best.
  • What health tips do you swear by? Sleep is the most important for health. Also you need a good diet that is easy to stick to and satisfies you. Stay consistent.
  • If a young girl/boy wanted to be a model what would your advice for them be?  It takes a leap of faith and it won't just happen. You will have to put in the effort and grind.

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