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  • What is your name and what city do you rep? Empiress from College Park, Ga.
  • What is unique about you and your music? I perform a combination of singing and rapping with a message of women's empowerment.
  • What shaped your music? Life experiences combined with the love, appreciation and respect for amazing music.
  • When did you realize you were going to make music professionally? At a very young age, my paternal grandmother always said I was singing before I could talk!!
  • What type of music do you listen to? Rap, R&B, POP & Inspirational.
  • Who, to you, is the most undervalued music artist? Wale, Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole are my top three that don't get enough recognition. I'm a fan of all three as well and I like to believe I have decent taste in music.
  • How do you prepare for your performances? I will run through the show as though I'm on stage full out multiple times a day/week etc.
  • What ignites your (song) writing flow? Good vibes and the right beat for my Pretty Crunk..
  • What do you do when you don't do music (creative or otherwise) and that you are passionate about? I have a Bachelors in Accounting and recently left the corporate world. I've been getting into so extra gigs and acting opportunities so you will see me around. My Passion is all aspects of Entertainment.
  • Success to you is... Being able to take care of my family, travel, live comfortable and leave something behind for my grandchildren's children one day..
  • What do you wish you were told when you first started rapping that you think would help anyone recently starting artists out? Never stop chasing your dreams, perfect your craft and learn the business aspects of it.
  • Any upcoming projects? Yes, I released another Single from my EP on July 4 (National BBQ Day - the other things isn't so much for us but I figured more people may be off work lol)
  • Where do we find your music / music project? iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, YouTube and soundcloud..

Thank You!!!!!

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